Seat your guests in style with Tiffany chairs

white tiffany chairs 1 169x300 - Seat your guests in style with Tiffany chairs
If you’re considering chair hire for your wedding, party or function, Tiffany chairs add an extra special touch with their beautifully hand-crafted effect. They’re sturdy and comfortable, but also present an elegant solution.

Tiffany chairs can be stylish in their own right, with a white finish and white cushion. They are also ideal for dressing up according to your event theme, with a delicate bow or elaborate flourish.

Here’s some ideas for Tiffany chairs in context:

Backyard Party or Stylish Birthday

Kid’s Tiffany chairs are perfect for kid’s birthday parties, as they are sturdy and can be dressed up with a bright sash for a superhero party or pretty bow for princess tea parties. Any theme can be tied together with a Tiffany chair decoration that is easy to attach and won’t slip off.

You can also pull off a stylish birthday party for any age with the classic Tiffany chair with or without decorations. Its elegant structure can stand proud for a sophisticated look or add some glamour to a garden setting.

Corporate Event or Formal Functions

Hiring Tiffany chairs for your corporate or formal event makes each guest feel special and recognised. Their comfort is ideal for lengthy presentations and a beautiful chair sash in your corporate colour will enhance your branding.

Elegant Weddings

Tiffany chairs really add a sense of quality to your wedding decor. Ribbon and floral touches can be added to dress up according to your wedding style. Draped beads can also be stunning when hung over the back of Tiffany chairs.

Discount Party Hire is a family owned and operated business and we pride ourselves on a Tiffany chair hire service that has been providing seating for events for decades. We ensure our chairs are always in top condition and ready to seat your guests in style.

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