Party Catering Checklist Sydney

Whatever the reason or season for your celebration, you want your guests to enjoy delicious food and rave about it afterwards.

Whether you prefer tried and trusted traditional food, or if you’re looking for something a little more unique and different, start with a checklist for researching party catering services:

  • Do they have experience of party catering in Sydney and customer reviews?
  • Look for caterers who can offer a variety in terms of menu options, customisation, and quantity, depending on your party size and type.
  • How transparent is their hygiene, equipment and ingredient quality?
  • Can they offer elaborate, full courses as well as quick and easy options?
  • Do their services extend to food serving and cutlery?
  • Can they offer delivery, collection and clean-up services too?

Once you’ve established their reputation, a party catering service will be able to provide menu options or prepare any food according to your requirements. So you aren’t limited to a specific style or type of food.

Remember that all your guests are different, and finding a bit of something for everyone can be difficult. That’s why it’s essential to find party caterers who are flexible as well as reliable and can work according to your budget and requirements.

Have you remembered to include dietary requirements on your RSVP?

Unless it’s a very small and intimate function and you already know exactly what each individual’s requirements are, you might be surprised to discover that someone is a vegetarian or has an allergy to a specific food group. Don’t leave them feeling hungry, or worse, needing medical attention. Find out in advance and make sure that your party caterers can handle it all so that you don’t have to rush around looking for alternatives.

Kick it off with a bite

Regardless of the style of your party, do remember to offer your guests something small to eat immediately on arrival. They may have rushed from work or perhaps they’ve been busy with getting ready, organising babysitters and dealing with GPS directions, so they’ll need a bite before gulping down a beer or cocktail.

Can your venue accommodate your choices?

A spit or barbeque is popular for outdoor events, but if you’ve booked a hall or club, they may not have the space. If so, individual meals can be prepared and delivered, ready to be served. If your party isn’t a sit-down to eat style, a wide variety of platters should be available to sustain your guests throughout the party.

Don’t forget party catering accessories

If the food arrives and you don’t have sufficient serving platters, plates, dishes, glassware and cutlery, it can become messy. Find out if your party caterers can offer these too and deliver and collect. You might also want to hire specific items for your style of party, such as jelly shot cups, bowls or piñatas.

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