Beach Ceremonies Wollongong: Considerations

Most couples decide to get married on a whim and then wonder how they’re going to pay for it all. To save money, many people focus on beach ceremonies South Coast. Most of the time, you don’t have to pay for space on the beach, and you can plan everything yourself, which can save you from having to hire a party planner.

At Discount Party Hire, we understand that your beach wedding isn’t complete without a variety of supplies. If you want to host the reception on the beach, as well, you’re going to need many supplies to help you and your guests remain comfortable.

How We Help You Prepare

While we can’t tell you if the beach in question is going to require a permit to use, we can help you hire all the supplies you’ll ever need for beach ceremonies South Coast.

Consider hiring a marquee that can house up to 320 people sitting at round or rectangular tables. We offer many price points and options, such as a timber floor and silk lining. You’ll also find fetes, festivals, and awnings to help you create the perfect setting.

Once you know how everyone is going to stay shaded and dry throughout the day/night, you may want to consider seating and table arrangements. If you’re planning a sit-down or buffet-style meal, you’ll need a seat for each guest, at least.

Tableware is also available and can include cutlery, crockery, and glassware, among others. We also help with napkins, cups, and snack plates, as well as bunting and other decorations.

If you’re not sure what to pick, you may want to take a look at our packages. They include everything you need for up to 100 guests (and we’ll work with you if you have more than 100 people attending). This ensures that you have what you need for your beach ceremonies South Coast.