Table hire tips from Sydney’s party experts

trestle table 300x263 - Table hire tips from Sydney’s party experts

What type and size of table is best suited to your function? You want your day to run smoothly from start to finish, and there is a lot to think about.

To help you plan your day with precision, we’ve outlined the table hire options for outdoor and indoor events in Sydney. Don’t forget that it isn’t only your guests who’ll need tables to eat at, there are other uses for tables at parties or events that you’ll wish you had thought of if you forgot:

  • Tables for seated guests
  • Tables for food and drinks
  • Tables for bars
  • Tables for cakes
  • Tables for signing the registry
  • Tables for gifts
  • Table accessories and linen

To make sure your guests all have space at the table, match your event size and seating capacity with these table hire options:

Trestle Tables

This is the ideal table for all party functions, big or small.
Don’t forget the table for gifts, too, when you’re having a baby shower or engagement party. For seating arrangements, this will give you an idea of how many you will need:

  • A 1.8m trestle table seats 8 guests.
  • A 2.4m trestle table seats 10 guests.

Kid’s Tables

A 1.8m kids table seats 8 – 10 guests. You may want a separate round cake table, too, to keep the cake safe while busy little hands are eating at the main table.

Bar Tables

For standing and mingling guests, bar tables are a good solution and can be hired
with or without socks.

Round Tables

3ft round cake tables.
6ft round table seats 10 guests.

Discount Party Hire offers a table hire service that also includes table clothes, napkins, satin table covers, a variety of coloured overlays and bridal table surrounds.
Tables are available for hire as stand-alone solutions or as part of a package including chairs and other party services.


Seat your guests in style with Tiffany chairs

white tiffany chairs 1 169x300 - Seat your guests in style with Tiffany chairs
If you’re considering chair hire for your wedding, party or function, Tiffany chairs add an extra special touch with their beautifully hand-crafted effect. They’re sturdy and comfortable, but also present an elegant solution.

Tiffany chairs can be stylish in their own right, with a white finish and white cushion. They are also ideal for dressing up according to your event theme, with a delicate bow or elaborate flourish.

Here’s some ideas for Tiffany chairs in context:

Backyard Party or Stylish Birthday

Kid’s Tiffany chairs are perfect for kid’s birthday parties, as they are sturdy and can be dressed up with a bright sash for a superhero party or pretty bow for princess tea parties. Any theme can be tied together with a Tiffany chair decoration that is easy to attach and won’t slip off.

You can also pull off a stylish birthday party for any age with the classic Tiffany chair with or without decorations. Its elegant structure can stand proud for a sophisticated look or add some glamour to a garden setting.

Corporate Event or Formal Functions

Hiring Tiffany chairs for your corporate or formal event makes each guest feel special and recognised. Their comfort is ideal for lengthy presentations and a beautiful chair sash in your corporate colour will enhance your branding.

Elegant Weddings

Tiffany chairs really add a sense of quality to your wedding decor. Ribbon and floral touches can be added to dress up according to your wedding style. Draped beads can also be stunning when hung over the back of Tiffany chairs.

Discount Party Hire is a family owned and operated business and we pride ourselves on a Tiffany chair hire service that has been providing seating for events for decades. We ensure our chairs are always in top condition and ready to seat your guests in style.

Birthday party planning tips

marquee with festoon lights 265x300 - Birthday party planning tips

Not all birthdays are created equal. There are some milestones that stand out more than others. Whether you’re planning your own, your partners or your kid’s birthday parties, some can safely slide under the radar more than others.

  • For you or your partner, is it one of those round numbers that mark a new decade in your life?
  • Or maybe it’s your crown birthday, such as turning 24 on the 24th?
  • The big ones like 30 and 50 can’t be ignored, like it or not.

All of these need a bigger shout out than most of your annual trips around the sun. Party hire services can help you to put it all together with the least stress and provide an affordable, but memorable solution.

The same is true of your kid’s birthdays. Sometimes, a small backyard family party is plenty to keep everyone happy, but special stages need extra attention.

  • Their 5th usually arrives with expanded social groups as they start school.
  • Their 10th signals their entry into double digits.
  • The 13th is a huge transition into their teenage years that needs a little extra effort.
  • Their 18th will arrive all too soon and it’s a special one.
  • Their 21st is probably going to be the biggest event you plan for them, bar their engagement or wedding party if they need your help.

After that, you can hand over the party planning reigns and take the break you deserve. Meantime, why not take the stress out of your party planning with seamless party solutions.

Party Hire Services

Instead of shopping around for everything you need in different places, do it all in one and enjoy discount prices. People in the business of putting together parties don’t just do it for the milestones, they do it every day for lots of different customers. Take advantage of their experience and don’t try to re-invent the wheel.  

Be creative, but do it smartly.

Discount Party Hire provides a fully equipment showroom so that you can view everything you may need under one roof, or simply order it online. From marquee hire to tables, chairs, linen and cutlery, catering and decorations and special event packages – it’s all been thought through down to the smallest detail. There’s nothing we haven’t already thought of.

Let us help you so that you can focus on making memories.