Finding The Best Party Equipment Hire

Hosting a celebration can be fun but also exhausting. It always feels like there is more to do and you might be forgetting something important to make the setup a success. But to reach the success you have imagined, planning, planning and more planning is vital. This means having a checklist of everything that needs to be done, down to the detail that you might think is insignificant. By being prepared, you can enjoy the celebrations as much as the guests, and don’t miss out on the precious moments with loved ones.

Besides the budget, which should have been discussed before the planning begins, the first thing that you need to decide on is whether you will have a theme and if so, what it will be. It could be a pirate or princess theme for a kiddie’s party, is it a seasonal theme like a Hawaiian or Caribbean or a special occasion like New Year’s Eve or Christmas Party. For such themed parties, you will not go wrong in finding the best party equipment hire company with experience to help you on your journey. Not only will they help you with a theme but also take care of other key details such as the décor to fit your theme, tables and chairs depending on how many people will be invited to the celebration and let us not forget that they will also take care of the food for your guests as well as drinks. Once the theme is sorted, you can then get onto working on your guest list and finalising the date and venue where everything will take place.

This practice will allow you to invite those who are special to you and reduce the amount of money you need to spend on catering. A venue does not have to be difficult as you can celebrate at home where you are comfortable. Once you have decided on a venue, don’t forget to send the invites, order a cake and brainstorm on activities to entertain your guests throughout the event.  If the budget allows, you can purchase board games or hire a local band. These are the most important points to get you going on planning a successful event. Remember, planning is everything.

Outdoor Weddings – Beach Ceremonies

Imagine blue skies above with the sun shining brightly, a slight breeze that ruffles your hair, the golden sand that meets the beautiful blue of the ocean and you walking down the aisle barefoot towards your future partner for life. This is what people think about when it comes to outdoor weddings and specifically, beach ceremonies. While a wedding ceremony at a church is traditional and heart-warming, for some couples, it might not beat the majesty of a beach ceremony.

For some, an outdoor wedding might not only be a stunning alternative but also cost-effective. Because this will mean not spending a fortune on reserving a standard venue and you can instead get a permit from your local authority to reserve a section of the beach. You might also be needed to submit a detailed report on the décor, food and beverages and other equipment you will bring.

A beach wedding also offers a chance to save on the décor, food and beverages by finding the best party equipment hire business. Why? Because companies such as Discount Party Hire have experience in being mobile and can set up just about anywhere. You can get tables and chairs, and catering services along with décor tips from their team of experts. This will also mean that a bulk of your wedding plans will already be handled.

If the bride does not want to go down the aisle barefoot and is afraid of burning on the sand, she can wear sandals with flat soles or select a nice pair of wedges. The groom can also opt for sandals to feel the breeze hit his feet. When it comes to the dress of the bride, a puffy dress with the train might be beautiful for a normal occasion but will not work for a beach wedding. Find a dress that is easy to move in and will not distract, maybe lighter fabrics such as chiffon will work well for the dress. And for the guys, lighter fabrics such as linen and cotton are recommended. But absolutely no tuxedo or dark colours for the ceremony.

Your wedding does not have to bring stress and hardship in your life, planning it can be a breeze with the right people helping you along the way.

Planning a wedding can be smooth sailing after all

Your beau finally popped the question and you said yes, but that was the easiest part about the entire process. Planning your wedding is where the challenging work begins. This is because there is so much to worry about and that’s not to even mention the dress and accessories. To successfully plan your nuptials can take months and it’s not like you can take off from work to ensure everything goes smoothly.

However, there are plenty of ways you can take the burden off yourself and enjoy the feeling of excitement as the wedding day draws closer instead of being a ball of stress. You can start with the venue, and rather than looking for a wedding venue that might cost a fortune to book for a few hours, you can have a backyard wedding to save some money and have an intimate ceremony with family and friends. You can look for marquee tent hire in Sydney and have your guests sit on Tiffany chairs that have also been hired.

The marquee tent will also serve as a backup plan if there is a heavy rain.  Imagine an evening wedding in your backyard, candles illuminating everything with the darkness of night as the backdrop while you walk towards your future partner and dressed in a beautiful white gown is picturesque. Depending on the size of the backyard where the wedding will be held, you will have to limit the number of guests invited which will save on the catering bill. Another way to take the burden off your shoulders is getting the help of a party hire company. This might sound like a bad idea but it’s not.

These kinds of companies are experienced in flawlessly helping a client organise their event and a wedding is no different. For example, Discount Party Hire will provide a coordinator who will help with the catering to provide your guests with the finest quality food as well as waitresses to serve your guests. They will also take care of your décor for your wedding that will leave you and your guests breathless. But always remember, no matter how big or small your wedding is, the most important thing is sharing your special day with those who are near and dear to your heart.

Celebrating a milestone can be easy too

It’s that time of the year when the flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and the summer weather is upon us. This period can be festive and is perfect for meeting up with family and friends you have not seen due to the wintry weather. Planning such a festive event to be with those you love can be a daunting task but with the right amount of planning, not only will it be a breeze, but you can also save money in the process.

You do not have to worry about finding the perfect venue or tent to hire in Sydney that will fit everyone, tables and chairs, cutlery, handling the menu and ensure everyone including vegans and children are catered for and what fun entertainment and activities everyone will partake in during the day. It’s better to let someone else take care of the tiny details and enjoy spending time with those you love.

So why not get a party hire company that has expert hands in planning such events and you will not have to lift a finger. The advantages of requesting such a service is because most party hire companies such as Discount Party Hire will provide you with a coordinator for your event that will take care of everything from the themes and guests as well as other details you might not even think about. With their tent hire, you can host the family event at your home and you will not stress about hiring tiffany chairs in Sydney.

What is more amazing is that you will not have to think about setting up the different equipment as their staff will take care of it for you.  No matter what budget you are working with, a party hire company will offer various package deals and discounts and you will be saving a load of money. So, there is something for every price range. What’s best about this decision is that after everything is said and done, kisses and hugs exchanged as well as fun gossip and catching up with each other, you can head on home and not worry about washing and cleaning up after everyone, that will be done for you.

Considering The Gong for your beach ceremony?

Wollongong has many options for hosting beautiful beach ceremonies. The South Beach extends for 3kms with some spectacular mountain views, while the golden sands of North Beach provide a perfect setting for your beach ceremony.

Perhaps you’re looking to include the Headland Lighthouse in your wedding photographs, or to exchange vows within sight of the Famous Five islands? There’s picturesque village beaches or harbour beaches within close proximity of public amenities.

Large rockpools or beaches surrounded by bushland or sand dunes – from the expansive to the intimate – there is a lot of natural beauty to create your own magical ceremony.

Destination Wollongong is an exciting experience for your guests, too. If you’re looking for a list of beaches and places to stay, visit Wollongong online here. (

So, you’re sold on the destination, but where do you hire wedding marquees for your reception at the South Coast, or equipment for your beach ceremony in Wollongong?

Where to hire a wedding marquee: South Coast

Discount Party Hire have operated in Sydney for 45 years and have now expanded to the South Coast. We can provide everything you need for your beach ceremony and outdoor reception, from marquee or awnings to tables and chairs, décor and catering or specifically crafted packages based on your guest count and style.

We have set up and supported many beautiful beach ceremonies and wedding receptions for happy couples. We know that no two weddings are the same and we tailor the hire services according to your style and needs, at reasonable prices.

Perhaps you live in the area and you’re looking for tables and chairs or even ideas for decorating your beach ceremony or outdoor wedding. Pop in to our fully equipped showroom in Moorbank or Bulli. Our professional team can guide you on ideas and practical solutions, all within your budget.

Save time and money by sourcing everything you need for your beach ceremony in one equipment hire service. Speak to us about your vision and we’ll help you to make it happen, safely and conveniently.

Hosting a party or event in Sydney or further along the South Coast?

Busy Sydneysiders don’t need help to enjoy a well-deserved party or event, but what about the logistics of putting it all together if you’re the host? It can be stressful.

So you’ve set the date, now what?

There’s a lot to think about: your guest list, providing adequate tables and seating, the décor and catering. How do you provide food that will suit everyone? What about a marquee if it’s an outdoor event, or awnings for exhibitions?

There’s the dance floor and music to organise and the equipment you’ll need for that, not to mention barmen and bar tables. For a kid’s theme, don’t forget the balloons and piñatas, serviettes and cutlery. And most importantly, how do you do all of this on a budget?

Relax and let experienced party hire services help. Sometimes, you might just need an affordable and convenient table hire service to deliver and set up the basics with minimal fuss and total reliability.

Or maybe you’re hosting a party or event that requires a full party hire service that can take care of everything you need in one stop anywhere along the South Coast. You’ll want the same reliability from a nearby source.

A story of local consistency

Ben and Ian Scott are local Australians who’ve been servicing the party hire industry in Sydney since 1966, and they’ve now expanded to the South Coast, too. This family run business is a case study in commitment and client service.

Discount Party Hire have been operating for three generations, servicing customers in Sydney for 45 years. Over that time, they have gained the depth and breadth of experience to put busy minds at ease.

The team is proud of their professionalism gained from serving a range of customers in Sydney and the South Coast. Their aim is to make planning and setting up your party or event a stress-free experience.

Once you’ve set the date, simply call them and let them take care of whatever you need, customised to your style and requirements. Have it all set up, delivered, served and collected so that you can focus on being a fabulous host.

What’s a party in Sydney without a dance floor?

Whether it’s your wedding or a specific party theme if you’re going to host it in style, practice your skills to lead the way and then hire a pro dance floor for your guests to let go of stress and stay safe.

Just because you’re hosting an outdoor event, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need a hire dance floor. Imagine heels sinking into sand or mud, falls on or near concrete spaces, or the slippery texture of damp grass. Even if none of your guests fall or slip, the state of your backyard or the venue’s garden will likely be very flat and dead the next day.

For indoor events, you’ll also want a designated dancing space, so that crashing into tables or décor doesn’t dampen the occasion or worse, result in injuries.

Of course, staying safe on the dance floor isn’t the only consideration. Providing food for your guests so that they don’t de-stress on an empty stomach helps keep everyone upright when they need to be. And leading the way with a few dance moves of your own will create a memorable experience.

There are plenty of different style dance classes in Sydney if you want to brush up on your groove. Wedding dance lessons aren’t just for the seriously uncoordinated. Most couples will benefit from a few tips for elegant gliding to kick-off the celebrations in style.

For hosting any kind of party, dazzle your guests with some rare dance skills,  from Tango to Bollywood, Swing to Funk, even Burlesque or Retro moves for a vintage or 80s theme. Sydney has a wide range of classes and studios.

Provide the platform for a wild, but safe, event

Discount Party Hire is based in Sydney, and we provide non-slip timbre dance floors for indoor or outdoor events of any size. Our new look black and the white chequered dance floor is fast becoming a popular choice. You can hire a dance floor by the meter, or choose a range of standard sizes. We’ll help you to decide what size is best based on your guest count and venue. We’ll also lay the Pro Floor for you.

We can also provide stages, catwalks, light, and sound for your event, as well as any other party hire services you may need under one roof. Marquees, tables, chairs, and catering are all available within one stop or a convenient, discount package.

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South Coast Party Venue Ideas and Event Hire

Australia’s South Coast has some of the most beautiful beaches, bays and nature spots in the country. For nature lovers, the South Coast is a treasure trove of delights, from whale watching to island visits and sheltered bay relaxation. A little more rain than our Northern counterparts is a small price to pay for the breathtaking scenic beauty.

Respect, celebrate and relax

Whether you are fortunate enough to live here, or if you are considering a destination for your party or event, you’ll want to make the best of the outdoor activities and gorgeous, natural backdrops. Even a rustic-themed party in your own back garden celebrates this lifestyle.

If you’re looking for party venue ideas, the South Coast has a lot to offer.

There are many other exquisite national parks and beaches. Visit the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service ( to check availability and capacity for a private party or function, or to host a sports event or festival.

Make it happen in one stop

For weddings or formal events, a home party or work function, a kids party or seasonal celebration, save time and money by sourcing everything you need for your event in one party hire service.

  • Freestanding marquees or awnings in a range of sizes.
  • Tables, chairs, covers and linen.
  • Food catering, cutlery, chefs and waitresses.
  • Party décor and accessories.
  • Party hire packages for any size or type of event.

A local, full service party hire solution has the experience and expertise to help you match what you need with the style and size of your event.

Discount Party Hire Services have showrooms at the South Coast and Sydney if you’re looking for inspiration, or simply speak to us about your vision and we’ll help you to make it happen, conveniently and affordably.

Large marquee hire: what size is best?

Turns out your company function includes partners, or maybe the advertising for your gala or festival was more effective than you expected. Or perhaps you are planning a destination wedding and no matter how many times you’ve revised it, the guest count is creeping way up.

It’s good to know that everyone wants to come to your party or reception, but how are you going to accommodate them all at your chosen venue? Whether it’s in Sydney or anywhere along nearby beaches or natural environments, outdoor events are popular and you can still offer sit-down meals, speeches and presentations in style.

Large marquee hire

You’ll want to hire a marquee spacious enough to provide a relaxed and sheltered environment for your guests to mingle, dance and eat, or enjoy presentations or entertainment without feeling crowded or squashed. So how do you determine what size marquee to hire or how many guests you can invite?

Here’s a guideline based on marquee size and guest count:

6m x 6m: 40 seated guests or 60 theatre seats

6m x 9m: 60 seated guests or 90 theatre seats

6m x 12m: 80 seated guests or 120 theatre seats

6m x 15m: 100 seated guests or 150 theatre seats

6m x 18m: 120 seated guests or 180 theatre seats

6m x 21m: 140 seated guests or 210 theatre seats

6m x 24m: 160 seated guests or 240 theatre seats

6m x 27m: 180 seated guests or 270 theatre seats

6m x 30m: 200 seated guests or 300 threatre seats

With clear or white walls, a large marquee can blend seamlessly into any environment, giving you freedom of choice when it comes to your setting. You can hire a stand-alone marquee, with or without added extras such as timbre floors, microphones and jukeboxes.

Or you can choose a suitable Discount Party Hire package and enjoy all the benefits of added extras, packaged together according to your guest count, such as chandeliers, tables and chairs, linen table cloths, helium balloon kits and beer bins.

The ultimate large marquee hire package

The ultimate Discount Party Hire 100 guest package includes non-slip timbre floors, silk linings for the ceiling, a smaller bar marquee attached to the main one, as well as a separate one for caterers, 10 6ft round tables and linen, all the elegant cutlery and glassware, mobile cool-rooms and even bridal flounces, if required.

Discount Party Hire offers delivery, pick up and installation. We have offices in Sydney and the South Coast and we’ve been serving large outdoor events in the area for over 40 years.

Party Catering Checklist Sydney

Whatever the reason or season for your celebration, you want your guests to enjoy delicious food and rave about it afterwards.

Whether you prefer tried and trusted traditional food, or if you’re looking for something a little more unique and different, start with a checklist for researching party catering services:

  • Do they have experience of party catering in Sydney and customer reviews?
  • Look for caterers who can offer a variety in terms of menu options, customisation, and quantity, depending on your party size and type.
  • How transparent is their hygiene, equipment and ingredient quality?
  • Can they offer elaborate, full courses as well as quick and easy options?
  • Do their services extend to food serving and cutlery?
  • Can they offer delivery, collection and clean-up services too?

Once you’ve established their reputation, a party catering service will be able to provide menu options or prepare any food according to your requirements. So you aren’t limited to a specific style or type of food.

Remember that all your guests are different, and finding a bit of something for everyone can be difficult. That’s why it’s essential to find party caterers who are flexible as well as reliable and can work according to your budget and requirements.

Have you remembered to include dietary requirements on your RSVP?

Unless it’s a very small and intimate function and you already know exactly what each individual’s requirements are, you might be surprised to discover that someone is a vegetarian or has an allergy to a specific food group. Don’t leave them feeling hungry, or worse, needing medical attention. Find out in advance and make sure that your party caterers can handle it all so that you don’t have to rush around looking for alternatives.

Kick it off with a bite

Regardless of the style of your party, do remember to offer your guests something small to eat immediately on arrival. They may have rushed from work or perhaps they’ve been busy with getting ready, organising babysitters and dealing with GPS directions, so they’ll need a bite before gulping down a beer or cocktail.

Can your venue accommodate your choices?

A spit or barbeque is popular for outdoor events, but if you’ve booked a hall or club, they may not have the space. If so, individual meals can be prepared and delivered, ready to be served. If your party isn’t a sit-down to eat style, a wide variety of platters should be available to sustain your guests throughout the party.

Don’t forget party catering accessories

If the food arrives and you don’t have sufficient serving platters, plates, dishes, glassware and cutlery, it can become messy. Find out if your party caterers can offer these too and deliver and collect. You might also want to hire specific items for your style of party, such as jelly shot cups, bowls or piñatas.

Townsend Catering are the professional foodies at Discount Party Hire. We’ve been delighting guests at parties in Sydney for over 40 years. Our fresh and exciting catering solutions can be extended with full party hire services in one local stop, including marquees, chairs, tables, bars and décor. We’re a local business and we offer monthly specials. Pop in to see us or call and order, anytime.